KPFK commentators do not know what is going on...still...but...

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KPFK sponsor/contributors/volunteers/advocates occasionally can communicate in only 1 place : the local indymedia site....there seems to be silence and listener-contributors are silenced and left out of any conversation or decision about their radio station's doings. Strange. More like the Bush-Cheney administration way of 'doing things'.
Here is a reposting for others who may want to also hear from the few commentators who have found and responded to questions about KPFK and the monetary shenanigans that appear to be played, not on air, but behind the power lines.

from and article : "What is happening at KPFK ? want to share your info ? " first written on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008 at 1:50 PM

"now, why are we dummies in Los Angeles at KPFK not even checking what ELSE is happening to our affiliates that affect our finances or ours interact with theirs ?


and how much manipulation, disimulation, misinformation, secrecy and deliberate avoiding telling any of us who actually CARE and SHARE our hard earned much is being taken to be used in ways we did not contribute it for ???

dummies....or dupes...or activists once we find out more ?

some comments were then added =

"What I know"
Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008

OK, folks, this is what I've got, and it isn't much. At the Local Station Board meeting on Tuesday, November 11, Grace Aaron, one of our PNB representatives asked for 15 minutes toward the end of the agenda (during the PNB report, I think). She used that time to tell the local board about the proposed mortgage of the KPFK building for $1M. Apparently, this plan had been kept confidential by the PNB until the PNB meeting on Sunday two days earlier.

The LSB exploded with questions and objections, and continued the meeting on Wednesday. On Wednesday, there was more confusion and questions: the loan application hadn't yet been filed yet: would the PNB have to approve the filing; what the loan would pay for; how much the loan would be for; what restructuring and repayment plans were in place. The answers to most of the questions were guesswork or contradictory. There were calls to not approve the loan (which the LSB can't do, since the Foundation owns the building); to demand the loan only pay for KPFK's obligations; to sell or move WBAI or broadcast on its signal from a skeletal staff in Berkeley.

I'll post the motion we passed on Wednesday here as soon as I get the correct wording, but it includes a request of the PNB for a restructuring plan, a list of expenditures paid with the loan, that pending (not new) staff reductions in the network be initiated, and that there be a repayment structure that obligates the other stations and the national office to contribute proportionately to the repayment.

Since Wednesday, there have been a flurry of email exchanges that I've been included in, and I'm sure there are others that I haven't been part of. I don't think it's right to post other people's email, but I will post two of my own here and hope these give you a sense of what's happening.

If you have more questions, ask here and I'll answer what I can as well as I can.

- - - - - - - -
then on Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008 another comment posted on Indymedia in Los Angeles:

Subject: Re: Mortgaging the KPFK Building . . .

This is all the more difficult because I don't have the current financials. Does anyone here have the current adjusted budget (after the layoffs and resignations) and the rest of the current and projected financial documents?

Without the adjusted budget, I have several unanswered questions. I've asked some of these questions before, but I have yet to get answers. If the PNB is expecting KPFK to fundraise (and no doubt you are), it's way past time that we have answers for our listener-sponsors. "I don't know" doesn't cut it as a fundraising tool.

1) How much is the KPFK building worth? What is the Foundation risking for $1M?

2) Is the amount of the loan $1M or $1.7M? We heard both at our LSB meeting. Or is it some other figure?

3) How is the loan to be allocated among the units, or, more precisely, how much is going to restore national staffing and/or nationalized programming? I have read that monies are owed to DN and FSRN, legal fees, and so forth, but what local benefits we can point to when we're asked to fundraise to repay this note?

4) Will K be free of its outstanding obligations except for the loan, or will some be left?

5) Is this, as it was presented here, a cash flow problem that will be resolved once the severances are paid and the payroll reductions kick in, or is this a fix for longer-term ongoing expenses? If it's a cash flow situation, why do we keep hearing about plans to pay this off over 30 years? Why not plan on paying this off over a year of two?

6) What is the repayment plan, and how will other units be mandated to contribute to repayment?

7) Whatever happened to posting Pacifica's financial records on the Pacifica website? Nothing's there since 2005. If we had seen what was happening over years, rather than hear dire warnings over a few months, some of us might have been tracking this mess and insisted on intervention before now. That's what transparency if for.

I get the feeling in this discussion that some are holding a full hand, and some of us are deliberately given only 2 or 3 cards and none of those are aces.
Subject: Re: Mortgaging the KPFK Building . . .
[written directly ] To the LSB,

Sometimes it's useful to look at what's not happening. The first thing I see is that, except for one generalized and categorical response from Mike Martin, *none* of our questions about the financial state of Pacifica, past, present, or future, about repayment or particular uses of this loan, are being answered.

Secondly, and not less importantly, all of this LSB's objections, reservations, and contingencies are disappearing into a void. Most notably, Ricco's firm and well-considered letter remains officially unanswered to my knowledge, which strikes me as insulting to our chair. My proposal that amended our budget to ensure repayment from national was sunk before I could bring it forward. All we managed to do at our last LSB meeting was pass a lukewarm resolution about what we nearly humbly requested *if* the PNB went ahead with mortgaging the KPFK building.

The KPFK's LSB is being dissed, folks, and I can almost promise you that it's because the PNB's only "plan" is that somehow KPFK, the most lucrative of the stations (as shaky as that is) will pay off the loan.

And I have little doubt that the PNB will go through with this, with or without us. That decision has already been made in loops and groups that most of us don't have access to.

Let me offer a few points that maybe we can collectively hang our hats on:

1) That we have a repayment agreement with national that encumbers all the Pacifica units or forces national to share the burden across the network

2) That we have a guarantee that K's current obligations to its creditors and central services will be paid with this loan

3) That any future budget cuts to KPFK be proportionate, at least, to cuts at the other stations

4) That we not burden the next generation, or even much of the next LSB, with this, and

5) That we have transparent and timely financial reports from here on out.

This is the best I've come up with to protect K's listener-sponsors and staff from endless fundraising and without assurances that, at the end of the day, KPFK sill be left standing.

LSB Motion on the Mortgage Nov. 19, 2008

Here's the motion passed by the LSB passed last Wednesday regarding mortgaging the KPFK building. The LSBs are advisory, and the Pacifica National Board may or may not do this.

That the KPFK LSB requests that KPFK's PNB Directors move to amend any motion regarding the securing of a loan for the Foundation as follows:

That prior to the signing of a loan agreement, the following conditions shall be met:

1. The PNB and all LSBs shall be provided with a detailed statement specifying how the borrowed funds will be spent and what cost reductions will be achieved at each Pacifica unit to make Pacifica's financial situation sustainable;

2. Any staff reductions required to achieve needed cost reductions be initiated; and

3. That any motion to collateralize a major asset of any single unit include a mandatory replayment structure that distributes repayment among the units according to the proportions of debt paid by the loan.

ADOPTED 11/12/08 (Y:13, N:0, A:3)


and from another 2 commentators =

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008

Ok. I listen to the station and ONLY found out about this crisis and rumom mongering on this site when I relocated to another metro and began to use Indymedia as my media source.

I was in LA when the last struggle took place against the Mark Cooper, John Weiner, Beto Arcos faction of KPFK programmers who wanted to make the station, in my opinion, NRP North Hollywood. They were defeated. But afterwords, after Steven Starr left and Eva Georgia became General Manager and Armando Gudino Program Directir, fundraisers never spoke about the minimum payment to become a member. There were report to the listeners, yes, but there were problems. Jerry Quickley was the personality of the hour, a good one...but the station began to drift then towards the center.
- - - - - - --
Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008
What i am saying is that the way that Eva Georgia just disappeared (no goodbyes, no 'whare I am going) perplexed me. Then the fundraisers for milions upon millions, to the tone of "KPFK is in financial trouble," just made me wonder, what was going on. I have spoken privately to on air news reporters who acknowledge the financial problems.

If the struggle of the earlty 2000's is to be made real, those who love the station for what it is must OPPOSE any financial deals that could bankrupt the station, lay off people, etc.

I would even propose severing ties with PACIFICA and going it alone. The station could certainly make it.

Just a thought.
Severance from Pacifica Merits Dicussion
Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

KPFK leaving Pacifica?

I don't know how anyone could break Pacifica's ownership, but, nonetheless, this is an idea that merits discussion.

As bad as KPFK's management, lack of leadership, and failure to build a community has been, the Pacifica Board has been worse. It doesn't do anything that I have been able to figure out. I likewise haven't been able to figure out why KPFK seems to do better than the other five. San Francisco, New York, and Washington have stronger progressive communities than LA but you would never know it from the local Pacifica stations.

All this again shows why we need the web listener user forums turned back on. So much needs to be said and would get said if a central forum existed for discussion.

Maybe the time has come to break up Pacifica and let the five stations chart their own future.

Again, the purpose of posting this information that is local to KPFK people is to start an interchange of SHARING INFORMATION, discussing problems, finding where the blockages are [heart attacks are blockages of blood flow, well guess what is happening at Pacifica and its supposedly 'individual' stations too ? ] and letting the truth FLOW...for a change.

Where else is there a site for sharing information that can make CHANGES, not in presidential governmental USA high up places, but more locally where it really counts for each one of us.

Is th is one place ? huh ?

also see and use
and add to info there if you care to