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Summer Reese Candidate Statement

My name is Summer Reese and I’m a political activist, single mother, long-time vegetarian, and legal professional, from a political and artistic household where I was home-schooled and have listened to KPFK since childhood. Seeking election to the Local Station Board, I respectfully ask for your vote.

Through my candidacy and election, I hope to contribute to the improvement and better management of the station and its resources. My experience would help to achieve this goal.

As a paralegal and accounting professional for over a decade, I have worked in the 501(c) (3) non-profit and ballot initiative worlds, as well as in the court and administrative systems. I have prepared more than 12 million dollars in non-profit ‘books’ for CPA audit certification, as well as handling other aspects of legal compliance for individuals, non-profit, political and business organizations. Recently testifying at the FCC hearings, my comments aired twice nationally on Bill Moyers Journal. I serve on the board of the Los Angeles South Central Farmers, and am actively involved in the legal matters of an important political assassination case. As delegates to the National Latino Congresso, my mother and I campaigned successfully for a resolution supporting the South Central Farm, and co-authored a successful resolution demanding binational investigations and justice for the murdered women of Juarez.

As a family, we are actively engaged in the struggles for political justice, immigrant rights and an end to war. Along with many others, we were injured by the LAPD on May 1st in MacArthur Park and are pursuing legal redress. I obtained the permit for the successful ‘No-Name’ demonstration on March 25th, 2007 squashing the efforts of the Minutemen to take over downtown Broadway. The KPFK ICE Raids Task Force and all other efforts to keep the community informed have my full support.

Past activities include: Homeless advocacy in L.A.’s Skid Row; member Artists Against Homelessness; political organizing in New York City; anti-death penalty work with the Arkansas Peace Center; Secretary-Treasurer of the California Hemp Initiative; member of the ACLU Ad-Hoc Drug Policy Committee; lobbying with N.O.W. in Sacramento; protesting the destruction of Affirmative Action; protesting conditions at Corcoran Prison; co-founder of S.W.A.W.N. -- Stop the War Against Women Now; office manager of Freedom Law School; assisting and representing a fine artist and obtaining a $2,000,000.00 legal judgment for her; concert and video producing; camera-assisting; publishing; proof-reading; performance art and free-lance writing.

On the LSB, I will faithfully perform my duties regarding hiring and performance evaluations; finances; technology; signal strength and integrity; legal compliance; accessibility and workplace safety. I will uphold the Pacifica Mission Statement, including the promotion of culture, music, drama and the arts.

To promote transparency and responsible management of resources, I will gladly serve on the finance committee to implement internal controls and other accepted accounting methods to insure the best use of listener funds and the long-term health, vitality and diversity of our beloved radio station KPFK and the Pacifica Network.

Thank you for your vote.

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Phil T. Rich: ...
WBAI is bankrupt. These elections should be cancelled and redone due to the censorship of the candidates that is taking place now.

October 28, 2007

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